The Despers Steel Orchestra  


Despers USA Steel Orchestra, which was formed in 1976, is a non profit organization consisting of 80-90 players during the Labor Day - Panorama Competition and 20-35 concert players on other occasions. Members range from 10-60 years. Our planning committee consists of five members of the band and three non members. 

This steel orchestra which is composed of former members of the world renowned Desperado’s  Steel Orchestra of Trinidad who immigrated to the United States and formed Despers USA, has always believed in, and continues to share and teach, the art of pan music.

The Mission

The Mission is to raise $35,000 to fly The Despers USA Steel Orchestra from Brooklyn to Ireland this summer for a string of high profile gigs across 4 Cities over 4 days! 

We also hope to record the sessions and make an album with all proceeds going towards new drums for the band.

This project is a huge undertaking so we're launching a Kick Starter Campaign to raise a portion of the funds needed to make this thing possible!


“UNITY IS STRENGTH” is the key to longevity. We Pride ourselves on respecting each other and working as a team. Because we have been able to practice our motto, we have been become the people’s choice.


Despers USA is the only steel drum orchestra in North America whose accomplished performances have won them nine Panorama Championships in 1982, 1987, 1990,  1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997 & 1998.  


The Waldoorf-Astoria, Brooklyn Academy of music, Madison Square Garden. Also with the Rolling Stones

Despers USA was featured on ABC’s Evening News and also featured on the morning and evening newscast on CBS, ABC, NBC & Fox News for their participation in the New York Yankee World Series Championship ticker-tape Parade. In addition, Despers USA has performed at West Point Military Academy. Most recently the Old Seaport Street Fest. The Daily News/Carib-beat NY Pan Festival, the Convention of Mayors & the NY Mayoral Inaugural Address 1998 & 2015. 


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New York Times - Click to Read

New York Times - Click to Read