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We are a family owned and operated business based out of New York City. Our goal is to ensure the happiness of our clients by providing the best experience for their business. Our area of expertise lies within; photography, web development & design, 3D graphics, advertising and real estate. We are constantly evolving, learning and growing. We aim to enhance the overall quality of life by delivering a virtual experience for everyone.

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FAQ questions about 3D scanning

Q: What is Matterport?


Matterport is an innovative camera that uses images to build an interactive 3D model of a property.


Q. What is the difference between a video tour and a 3D model?


With 3D models, buyers must navigate through the venue but can explore it in more detail on a room-by-room basis, much as they would with a private showing. 3D models include a floorplan and "dollhouse" view so buyers can also see the entire property at a glance.


Q: How much does a 3D model cost?


Prices vary by market and square footage.


Q: How long will the 3D shoot take?


That depends on the size of your listing. Generally speaking, a 2,000-square-foot venue will take 1.5-2 hours. Keep in mind that more time will be required if you have also booked a video tour package for your listing. For a 2,000-square-foot venue, it will usually take 2.5-3 hours to shoot video, photos, and 3D.


Q: Do I need to do anything special to prepare the listing for a 3D shoot?


Yes. Because of the way the Matterport software builds the 3D model, it is absolutely essential that no people (other than the artist) be in the venue during the shoot. It is also essential that nothing about the venue be changed during the shoot because this can interfere with the 3D scanning process. For instance, closing doors or moving decorative items can cause the camera not to scan or build the model properly.


Q: What if the seller does not want to include part of the venue in the 3D model?


3D models are designed to represent the entire venue. If a portion of the venue is missing, clients will not have an ideal experience with the model (e.g., they will encounter doors that lead nowhere). Because of the way the 3D models are built, we are not able to "shoot around" portions of rooms--we must exclude the room altogether. For these reasons, we recommend that you wait until the entire venue is completely ready to schedule your 3D shoot.


Q: The venue manager has made changes in one of the rooms. Can you re-shoot it?


Because of the way the 3D models are built, we cannot re-shoot just one room. We must re-shoot the entire venue. To avoid re-shoot fees, we recommend that you confer with the seller to ensure the entire venue is camera-ready before we arrive. This includes staging, cleaning, and removing any items that might pose privacy concerns.


Q: When will my 3D model be ready?


We are usually able to send you a link to your completed 3D model within 24-48 hours of your shoot, depending on processing time.


Q: Will my 3D model be included on my branded webpage with my photos and video?


3D integration with the RealVirtualZone branded page is coming soon! In the meantime, we will provide you with a link and embed code that you can use to share your 3D model on any Web platform.


Q: Will I be able to download the 3D file for sharing?


At this time, Matterport 3D files are not available for download. However, RealVirtualZone will provide you with a Matterport link and embed code that you can use to share your 3D model on any Web platform.


Q: Will I be able to edit or change the model afterward?


You will be able to share the model, but you will not be able to edit or change it. If you notice any problems with your 3D model, please contact RealVirtualZone Customer Service right away so we can help you resolve them.


Q: Can I share the 3D model on my MLS or website?


Yes! RealVirtualZone will provide you with a link and embed code that you can use to share your 3D model on any Web platform. Most websites and listing services have an option for pasting in a link or embed code. If you have questions about how to share your 3D model on your specific website or MLS, your website administrator or MLS customer service department should be able to help you.


Q: Can I share the 3D model on social media?


Yes! Simply paste the link or embed code into your post and share with your followers.


Q: Are there any limitations on who can view the 3D model?


Anyone with access to the public Web link can view your 3D model; however, the viewing experience is best on certain devices and browsers. Matterport recommends viewing the model over a high-speed Internet connection, on a device that is less than three years old and meets the following requirements:


Computer Operating System


PC: Vista or newer


Mac: iOS 10.7 or newer


Tablet/Phone Operating System


Apple: iOS 8.1.3 or newer


Android: Android 5.0 or newer, with full WebGL support in both device and browser


Browser (latest version only)




Firefox (this is Matterport's preferred browser)


Internet Explorer (if running on Windows 8 or later; IE versions 6-10 are NOT supported)


Safari (if running on Apple iOS 10.8 or later)




Q: Can I include navigation instructions with the model?


You can provide navigation instructions alongside your 3D model (e.g., in the Description field of your MLS page). At this time, however, there is no option for including custom navigation instructions within the model.


Q: My 3D model is of a multi-floor venue, but I can't see the top floors when I view the model. Where are they?


Matterport has flexibility that allows you to view the property's individual floors one at a time or all together. Just use the stacking controls at the bottom right of your screen to change your view, or click on the floors and drag-and-drop them to separate.